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What is the Bliss Effect?
A Global Project using a Social Network platform which allows anyone to participate by recording their meditation experiences. By recording these experiences, we wish to globally measure any effect that "meditation practices" are having on the individual meditating, the people around the individual and their surrounding environment. The end outcome is to collate recorded meditations on a global scale and see if group meditations can directly affect local and regional statistics. We will focus projects on increasing love, peace and harmony in personal, family, social and global relationships and show any effect on decreasing things like crime rates and unemployment. People of all walks of life who meditate, no matter what belief, technique, method or other are invited.

How does the Bliss Effect work?
A commonality in all cultures, religions and belief systems is "Meditation". Many people describe the feeling during and after a meditation experience as "bliss". By becoming a Member for Free, you can record your Meditations and blissful experiences directly on this website to add to the global database. If you are completely new to meditation, we have resources which will teach you meditation techniques which you can try and leave feedback on. If you are experienced at Meditations then you can help others by contributing to the resources and allows to learn from your experience.

How does Meditation and Technology work?
Using visual and audio cues we can regulate our breath in meditations. Simply regulating your breath by using our fun, easy and custom created online meditation rooms you can guide yourself into "bliss" - a known space within meditations by both beginners and masters. Using technology we can train ourselves to meditate and reach deep states of relaxation without having to be reliant on technology "to make" meditation work, but instead use technology to train you, so you learn to reach deep meditative states without technology easily. Just like a sports person keeps a log of their times and performance, we can do the same with meditations for us to increase our meditation experiences. Read more.....

Who can Join The Bliss Effect and is it Free to Join?
Absolutely anyone can Join theblisseffect Website and be part of the Social Network. Members can choose to learn about meditation and do not have to log data if they do not want to. We are providing these resource tools to the world at no cost - totally free! That means you can Sign Up right now and see what we have inside for all Members. Here is a brief list of things you get access to

> Your very own Meditation Area with completely personalised "Online Meditation Rooms" you can share with friends

> Be part of the Group Global Meditations in all the different time zones around the world

> Social Network "blissWall" which lets you view the "live" activity within the online community

> Get access to the Member based resources within the "Meditation Library"

> List your Business and up to 10 Products and Services which you would like to advertise for free to all the Members

> Join in on Live Chat with many other Members for Group Discussions

> Watch Worldwide Events "Live" using our "blissTV" of Events all around the world

> Nominate your Event to be an event on "blissTV" and broadcasted world wide live to all Members

> Become part of the "blissDating" community of singles wishing to meet like hearted people

> Go shopping in the "blissShop" and purchase online and find services in your area to help you achieve "bliss"

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